EMS is an alternative way to do fitness. The acronym describes itself pretty clear - Electric Muscle Stimulation. The impulses are generated by a device and delivered through electrodes on the skin directly above the muscles to be stimulated. The impulses cause the muscles to contract, so the result is similar to the actual movement of the muscles. It’s the 21st century training: EMS training.



Xbody-workout is primary oriented on your own goals. Muscle mass gain, fat loss and keeping yourself in shape are slightly different targets. We have elaborated some special programms for each one of them. But even if no one will fit to you we're always ready to create an individual programm for our client.



The benefits of EMS approach are obvious but there also is a need of a specialist to make them work. Thats why each client gets a personal trainer in our studio. The staff consist of succesfull and experienced athletes which also passed some special education in EMS-technology institute.

The features of our training

  • Тренировка занимает 20 минут и приравнивается 1,5-2 часам в классическом зале.
  • The device is reaching over the 90% of all your muscle groups, affecting the deepest muscles
  • Во время электростимуляции отсутствует нагрузка на суставы, работают только мышцы, что способствует ускорению процесса реабилитации.
  • Everything you need you get in our studio. You may come without any equipment. Each client receives his own towel, cotton sports suit. water and all the hygenic means.


Setting your goals and schedule
Приступаем к тренировкам
Adjusting the intensity

We'll be doing everything is needed to get you motivated. Anyway some of the efforts must also come from you in order to get what you want.

Команда XBODY

All of our team members got a degree in EMS-technology institute. This is a necessary thing to operate the training process. For over two years we provide our energy and knowledge to clients of our studio. Meat the team.

Our clients feedback


    • Silver 4x

      • 4 тренировки
      • personal тренер
      • 2 lymphatic drainage massage
      • 21 day
    • Silver 8x

      • 8 тренировок
      • personal тренер
      • 4 lymphatic drainage massage
      • 45 days
    • Silver 12x

      • 12 тренировок
      • personal тренер
      • 5 lymphatic drainage massage
      • 70 days

More about prices

  • - First training: 15€
  • - Одноразовая тренировка: 25€ (out of a plan)
  • - Лимфодренажный массаж: 300 Lei (out of a plan)
  • In case of not arrival please inform us sooner than 12 hours before the scheduled training. Otherwise we will have to discard your visit.
  • - Старайтесь не опаздывать более чем на 30 минут, иначе ваша тренировка также будет списана.
  • - Наши занятия подразумевают под собой резервацию зала и персонального тренера специально для вас. Поэтому в случае вашего отсутствия, это время становится потерянным для персонала и других посетителей студии. Благодарим вас за понимание.
  • - Мы всегда рады посетителям с детьми, поскольку считаем, что дети — это не помеха, а наоборот мотивация к занятию спортом. В нашей студии имеются игрушки и мультфильмы, призванные отвлечь ваше чадо, пока вы работаете с тренером.

Обратная связь

We're always happy to answer your questions and give you some consultation. Feel free to contact us by email, phone or social media.